Cultural Studies and the German Tradition

Friday, March 27, 2009

This conference considered various permutations and forms of sciences of culture from Herder's incipient anthropology to Stephen Greenblatt's cultural poetics. Some of our primary questions and themes were: What are some of the paradigmatic provocations for the emergence of "cultural" knowledge? What role have historical contingencies and exigencies played in the formation of these disciplinary programs? How does "culture" become an organizing concept for entire disciplines? To what extent are these "cultural" disciplines co-emergent with modernity? To what extent is interdisciplinarity an epi-phenomenon of these "cultural" sciences? What are the discursive relations and differences between an Anglo-American "cultural studies" and a German Kulturwissenschaft?

Workshop Papers:

Robert C. Holub (Chancellor, UMass Amherst)
Cultural Studies and the German Tradition

Rita Felski (English Department, UVA)
Bristish Cultural Studies and Germany Theory