Imran Ayata, German Author in Residence: Reading and Discussion (in German)

Imran Ayata, German Author in Residence
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
1:00 p.m., NCH 236

Join us for two events with German writer Imran Ayata:

Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 1 pm: NCH 236: Ayata Reads from his Works (in German)

Thursday, Nov. 30, at 5 pm: University Chapel: Presentation in English of “Songs of Gastarbeiter."

Co-hosted by the German Department and Center for German Studies in conjunction with the Campus Weeks Initiative of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Born in Ulm, Imran Ayata is the author, to date, of three volumes of fiction. He was a founding member of the anti-racist group Kanak-Attak, and co-edited the song collection Songs of Gastarbeiter (2013).

The German weekly Die Zeit calls Mein Name ist Revolution one of the best novels of 2011, praising Ayata as a writer who can “like few others” describe “the unhappy joys of love,” especially when they are combined with depictions of the “politically precarious situation of the Kurds” born in Germany to migrant parents..

On Ayata's album Songs of Gastarbeiter [Songs of Guest Workers], Berlin's Tagespiegel writes: “The musical mix on this surprising, wild and terrific album is as hot as the mix of content: homesickness, longing, family dramas, anger at cold Almanya [Germany]” . . . but often conveyed with “wit and humor.”