Presentation by Dr. Nicole Hemmer (UVa Miller Center) on her Potcast Series "A 12"

Monday, October 1, 2018
Nau 342, 5:30 pm

“A12” is a six-episode podcast on the events, history, memory and meaning of August 11-12 2017:

The podcast features extended interviews with John Mason (who will introduce Dr Hemmer), Claudrena Harold, Risa Goluboff, and many other UVa and city voices. The series dives into the city’s history, especially of Charlottesville’s African American community, and places the riots of A12 in a rich historical context.

Dr Hemmer’s work as a writer, columnist, speaker and political reporter has earned her a national reputation as a historian whose work is shaping our national dialogue— and she is rethinking what it means to do historical scholarship in today’s multimedia environment.

The presentation is part of the Page Barbour-funded series on “When the Fascists Came to Town”, which is co-sponsored by the Center for German Studies.