Prof. Paul Jones (UVa Religious Studies): "The Barmen Declaration (1934): The German 'Confessing Church' in Protest Against Nazism"

Monday, September 25, 2017
12:00 pm, Nau Hall 342
In response to the recent events that shook the city of Charlottesville, the Virginia Center for the Study of Religion (VCSR) in collaboration with the Department of Religious Studies brings to the undergraduates, and all members of the university community and the general public, a series of *Flash Seminars* (one-time events that last about an hour).
The first FLASH SEMINAR will be led by Paul Jones, as follows (PLEASE ANNOUNCE THIS EVENT TO YOUR STUDENTS!):
The Barmen Declaration (1934)
The German ‘Confessing Church’ in protest against Nazism
Professor Paul Jones
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, UVA
Monday, September 25th, 2017
12:00 pm
Nau Hall 342.
****Light refreshments will be served****
The Barmen Declaration is a document mostly written by the renowned theologian Karl Barth and adopted by the German 'Confessing Church' in 1934 to protest against Nazism in Germany.
We hope to have an engaging and fruitful conversation around the Declaration as well as the recent display of hate and violence, fed by racism and anti-semitism in Charlottesville.
You can read (should you wish to do so) the Barmen Declaration at, and write to if you have any questions.
Attached also is the poster for the seminar!